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Durability, highly valued, aesthetic; these are the three qualities Arita Drywall always aim for when working with a residential and commercial remodeling project. Continue reading, and discover why you can't just miss our services in Knoxville, TN.

Services We Offer


Age is just a number. Prove it by countering deterioration with a remodeling project. If you're searching for a reliable remodeling contractor, we highly recommend our company. We offer commercial and residential remodeling services. We can do full or partial remodeling. We're excited to hear your vision and visit the site for an inspection. Allow us to check the current problems of your kitchen as well as introduce strategic solutions.


Have you decided on the type of drywall to purchase for your home? We'll not only help you with its installation. We'll gladly assist you with their purchase and handling. We'll handle every material with care. We'll be cautious in cutting, nailing, and taping them. Since drywalls can be very heavy, not to mention that some types have a low resistance to impact, we highly recommend contacting an insured and experienced professionals like us.


Paints won't just make your home or office appealing. They have a great psychological impact on people, such as they can set the mood. If chosen and applied well, paints can also protect your walls from termites and rain. Choosing the right color of paints will also reduce your energy bills. These are factors we're going to look at, aside from their safety, before recommending a brand of paint. We can do more so don't miss them.


If you prefer a more reputable brand of drywall, we highly recommend sheetrock. This product is perfect for property owners that are looking for drywall that has a high resistance to fire and water. The price of the sheetrock might vary depending on your preferred size, features, and thickness. If you don't want to feel like being cheated by your supplier, consult us so that we can guide you.


Do love the warm and classic appeal of hardwood flooring? Do you want to raise the value of your house by installing tile flooring? We can help. We know that some of you don't have any ideas on mind yet about the design of your flooring. We already have some in our gallery. Plus, you can look at our previous works if you're looking for a reference. We'll adjust or change them completely depending on your needs.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Reliable Remodeler in Knoxville, TN

Would you love to DIY? Indeed, this method is tempting! However, it’s also important to take note that it’s timely and would require several trials and errors before you can get your hands on a desirable output. I highly recommend it if you have more time and money to spare. On the contrary, try getting a remodeling contractor. We can do things better and so much faster. A reliable remodeler can secure your investment and show you cost-effective to trendy solutions you never thought possible.

Residential Remodeling Company Knoxville, TN

Our Ways to Serve You

Licensed Remodeling Contractor in Knoxville, TN

Arita Drywall is a licensed remodeling contractor that always puts your best interests first. In fact, that’s the center of our marketing strategy and business approach. Before offering any professional advice, we’ll look at your plans, budget, and preferences. We’ll visit the site and take note of external factors that may drastically change the original plan. These factors may include checking the integrity of your property. Once you approved of the plan, we’ll immediately work with the execution. We’ll set a realistic expectation while explaining the details in the easiest terms. Regardless of the nature of the project, we’ll perform tasks following the highest quality standards. We’ll only move forward once you’re satisfied.

Drywall Remodeling in Knoxville, TN

Be assisted by a competent residential remodeling contractor in Knoxville, TN! Call Arita Drywall today.

Client’s Testimonial

by April on Arita Drywall
Painting and Sheetrock

Carla and Hector where recommended by our framer for painting. We were so pleased with the painting of the exterior we hired them to hang and finish the Sheetrock and paint the interior. We are very pleased with finished worked and would definitely use them again if needed.

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